10 reasons women should consume a protein shake post-workout

27 Jun

1. Muscle strength:

Take protein shake post workout as it strengthens your muscles.  After exercise amino acid absorption in muscle increases. Therefore, to increase muscle protein synthesis consumes protein shakes right after exercise to enhance muscle growth and to increase muscle strength.


women protein shakes2. Muscle repair:

You should feed your muscle with protein post workout by taking protein shakes. It will repair and rebuild your muscle which you lost during the workout. It will ensures maximum recovery, healing and build up of your muscle mass.

3. Tightness and toning:

You should feed your muscles with protein shakes right after exercise to gain maximum benefit effects like maximum toning and tightness of muscles.


4. Nutrition:

Drinking protein shake post workout provides your body lots of nutrients with fewer calories which is explained really good here. Your body needs enough nutrients but fewer calories post workout. But if you feed your body with enough calories your workout will be in vain and your effort which you placed on doing exercise will be useless. So you need a best feed post workout to gain essential nutrients.


5. Better health:

  • Taking protein shakes after exercise enhance your immune system
  • Help you to fight against infection
  • Prevents muscle fatigue
  • Prevents post workout sickness
  • Decreases your visits to doctors
  • Helps you to feel healthier and stronger

If you still aren’t satisfied with these  reasons to drink protein shakes then you can see this convincing 5 reasons in this post.

6. To prevent muscle stress:

Your muscle fibers start breakdown during physical activity due to stress placed on the muscle. So protein shakes after workout is the best choice to increase muscle strength and contributes to hypertrophy by maintaining muscle repair and growth.


7. Easy to get in:

After a workout, protein shakes are quick, easy to get in and of course healthy nutrition. Protein shakes are quickly available to regain post workout energy and strength.


8. Get protein back to the muscles:

During the workout your energy level decreases and your muscles start breakdown. So, to regain the energy and muscle mass you have to take a protein shake just after exercise as it will help in a buildup of your muscle mass and provide your body with energy. The energy which you have lost in exercise it will help to get it back by regaining proteins back to the muscles.


9. Easy digestion:

Your body needs energy as quickly as possible after workout to maintain your energy state of your body. But your food takes more than 45 minutes to digest. So, you need an intake which can quickly digest like protein shakes which take only few minutes to digest and provides your body with instant energy and you don’t need to wait a long enough.


10. Helps in Weight lose:protein shake weight loss

As discussed earlier consuming protein shake post workout helps you to gain muscle strength, with more nutrients and with less calories. By eating food after exercise lost your effort which you have placed on doing the workout as it has high calories but protein shake has fewer calories. So, consuming it adds to your workout to gain strength and to lose weight.



Everyone asks if creatine supplements really work – check out what I think

23 Jun

Does creatine work?


creatine effectsCreatine is a protein which is manufactured in liver and kidneys and is then later stored in our body muscles. Energy required to carry out different body functions is mainly provided by ATP, but at times another source might be required especially during short exertion spells, and this is where creatine requirements in our body is increased. Although many myths are around regarding its role in our body but most of those myths are just misconceptions and are not true at all. Statistics have shown that people who undergo weight lifting and bodybuilding exercises, gets much greater benefit with creatine supplements. Creatine really adds your muscle strength and power which is explained really well by ibestcreatine.

How does creatine really work?

A common question that usually pops out in people’s mind is that “how does creatine really work”? What is creatine basically made up of? Well, if you are thinking that creatine is actually a steroid and it would provide you instant energy then sorry my friend! You are totally wrong. it isn’t a steroid at all, rather it’s made up from the combination of three different kinds of aminoacids. It is usually stored in our body as back-up sources of energy. Under normal circumstances, the instant energy has to be provided by ATP, but during anaerobic conditions like strenuous exercise or weight lifting, some extra energy would be required and that would be provided by creatine. When it is present in the form of creatine-phosphate, then this phosphate group is used to generate more ATPs in our body, thus helping our body to meet the energy demands. On the other hand, it also helps in hydration of the muscle cells, providing them some more water and ions and this helps in increasing the muscle activity of the cells.

Beneficial aspects of creatine:

  • It helps in increasing your muscular mass and strength. Instead of a flabby body, your body seems more solid and athletic. Your abs use to pop out, they become more prominent and attractive. One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that it only aids those muscles which are undergoing tension and physical activity. The muscles which are resting and not undergoing any exertion do not get any benefit from it and their mass and strength would remain the same.
  • Its work usually comes into play when an activity is being performed in quick succession, or repeatedly. Glycogen isn’t that much efficient in generating that energy so much quickly, so if you have enough creatine phosphate stores in your muscles, it would help in quicker generation of ATP and thus more energy sources would be there for repeatedly performing actions.
  • Research statistics have proved that creatine decreases and minimizes the onset of muscles fatigue to a greater effect. This is due to the fact that it provides phosphate in a ready-made fashion to generate energy reservoirs i.e. ATP
  • There are countless more reasons why it’s beneficial to include this supplement in your diet. As we want our readers to learn as much valuable information as possible, therefore we also refer you to some interesting article by ibestcreatine.com or this helpful post by health.howstuffworks.com. After reading a lot of content regarding this topic and hearing different opinions you will definitely get an better overview of what this product really is and how it work.

Before starting creatine supplements, you need to be clear in your mind as what do you really need, and for how much time do you really need it. Creatine can help you make bigger and stronger but only for a certain period of time. Once you would stop taking it, your muscles mass would start decreasing once again.

How can massage sessions help you to become healthier?

22 Jun

massageWe all know massages feel great. They are relaxing and leave us with the feeling that all our tension has been rubbed away. Massages work by rubbing and manipulating areas of the body – mainly the skin, ligaments and muscles. They can be directed at a specific area or can cover the entire body – it depends on your needs and preferences. Getting regular massage therapy is actually great for our health and offers several benefits according to this website. If you are someone who want to stay healthy then you should even think about getting massage chair.

Reduces stress

Massages reduce stress levels. Stress is all around us and we are exposed to it on a daily basis. It is also important to note that many diseases are caused or worsened by increased levels of stress. Massages help reduce stress which then improves many areas of our lives. Lower stress results in;

  • Less anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • More energy and less fatigue
  • Better concentration

Other health benefits

Although the main goal of visiting a masseuse is to reduce built up stress and tension, there are other benefits as well. Read even more interesting things about benefits in this related article.

Easier labor – Massages can actually help expectant mothers deal with labor pains because massages release endorphins. These are “feel good” chemicals that are released by our brain to make us happy. Pregnant women who have regular sessions have less anxiety during the birthing process, have better breathing techniques and stay in the hospital fewer days after they have given birth.

Reduce headaches – Headaches are often caused by tension build up. Massages help reduce headaches because they reduce tension we are experiencing by making us relax. During these sessions our brain releases serotonin which blocks the pain signal coming from the brain – this then stops the migraine.

MASSAGE TherapyReduces depression – Depression is a mood disorder that is caused by low levels of serotonin. When we get a massage our brain releases serotonin which helps prevent depression because serotonin is a “feel good” chemical. It puts us in a better mood and the more of this chemical we have the better.

Pain relief – Massages are also said to help relieve muscle pain and soreness. Visiting a masseuse can be more effective than taking medications such as Tylenol or Aleve. Regular sessions decrease muscle swelling and increase the production of new healthy cells along with proteins to repair damaged tissue.

Improved digestion – Visiting a masseuse can improve your digestion and relieve constipation. The reason for this is because certain techniques cause the intestines to contract – this improves the flow of food moving through the intestinal tract. Also, massages result in our body releasing more enzymes. Enzymes are needed for food digestion because they help break down the nutrients so they can be absorbed.

Better skin – Massages can improve the appearance of your skin because regular sessions result in increased circulation. Increased blood circulation keeps the skin looking healthy by adding color as well as it encourages new cell growth. Massage therapy also increases sweat production which rids the body of toxins – giving your skin a healthier glow. The skin becomes more elastic and supple so it is protected from dryness and damage.